Back In Stock Notifications

Ah… That glorious feeling when a product is selling like hot cakes! You worked hard, and can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor. Take a moment to take it all in, pat yourself on the back, and thank those who helped you pull it off.

But what happens when all that inventory is gone? No matter how you feel about stockouts, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered: Meet our newest plugin, WooCommerce Back In Stock Notifications.

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WooCommerce Gift Cards

Launching new products in the middle of a global pandemic is difficult, as all of us are faced with uncertainty and unusual challenges. However, even at this time we can and should still equip WooCommerce merchants with tools to help them weather this storm. This is why we decided to let you all know about a new WooCommerce extension we built here at SomewhereWarm: Gift Cards.

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Pillars of Support

We are proud to say we are a support-driven company. But what does it mean exactly, and how does it influence the way we work? In the spirit of open source, we are sharing our “Pillars of Support”: A document from our internal Manual that we use to help new support teammates:

  • Learn the principles that guide our interactions with customers.
  • Develop a better understanding of their position in our software engineering process.

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