Software Quality and Test Engineer





We are looking for a Quality and Test Engineer with an agile testing mindset to help us improve some of the world’s most loved WooCommerce plugins.

The Job

As a Quality and Test Engineer at SomewhereWarm, you will be helping us ship defect-free software to thousands of e-commerce merchants around the world. You will:

  • Validate new and existing features through storytelling and exploration.
  • Isolate, replicate, and investigate complex issue reports in an environment with many moving parts and dependencies.
  • Own every confirmed issue all the way from logging the bug, to validating the fix.
  • Work closely with the rest of the team to write thorough, purposeful tests.
  • Develop new test protocols and execute them manually when needed.
  • Learn more about test automation and help us improve the readability and coverage of our existing suite of automated end-to-end tests.

At SomewhereWarm, we are passionate about building open-source software that is not just functional, but delightful. Beyond making sure that our products work as intended, you will be helping us improve them through empathy and critical thinking. You will:

  • Uncover usability bottlenecks at the design and development phase, and suggest improvements.
  • Assess the current state and challenge accepted solutions with every opportunity.
  • Get to know our users and product in depth by working directly with customers.

Your role will often require you to:

  • Work with our Support team to investigate tricky riddles caused by bugs or plugin conflicts.
  • Collaborate with our Engineering team to assess risks and write automated tests that fail when they have to.

Your first few weeks with us will be dedicated to studying our products, customers and ecosystem. To help you get up to speed, we will guide you through a training plan that will also familiarize you with our principles and operating procedures.

In parallel with your main responsibilities, and depending on your experience, you will be encouraged to:

  • Help us prioritize and scope new features.
  • Improve our testing infrastructure.
  • Familiarize yourself with our technology stack and codebase.
  • Get involved with unit and integration testing.
  • Learn more about agile methodologies, or help us apply your existing insights in a remote work context.

You’ll thrive if you have an agile mindset and like the idea of contributing to every aspect of building, maintaining, and supporting software that changes lives.


We are looking for a great writer with a highly developed sense of compassion and empathy. You:

  • are comfortable with asynchronous communication and self-directed work;
  • possess native-level fluency in written English, and are able to communicate clearly and thoughtfully;
  • love to apply a first-principles mindset to everything you do;
  • treasure self-improvement, calmness and thoroughness over self-promotion, office politics and deadlines; and
  • understand what it takes to build and maintain a work culture of empathy and respect.

Additionally, you:

  • possess a good technical understanding of fundamental web technologies;
  • can write well-architected and well-documented object-oriented code to solve simple problems;
  • are familiar with continuous integration and have worked with Jenkins, CircleCI, or Travis; and
  • have some hands-on experience of end-to-end testing through Selenium WebDriver.

Ideally, you have:

  • a rich background in quality assurance or testing in cross-functional, agile software teams;
  • previous experience in test automation or software development; and
  • some hands-on involvement with WordPress/WooCommerce.


SomewhereWarm is tiny team of 5 that believes in the transforming nature of e-commerce and open-source technologies.

We know what it takes to write great software, and take pride in how our customers talk about our work. But there’s still a lot to build and learn — and we need your help to make it happen.

At SomewhereWarm, we support a life well-lived, at work and away from it. We value autonomy and trust, and are passionate advocates of remote work.

If you like the idea of joining a team to work and grow with, and not for, then Ilia, Jason, Maria, Chris and Manos would love to hear from you!

We offer:

  • great compensation (net €1400-€1800/mo, gross €30000-€45000/yr) depending on your experience;
  • private, individual medical insurance with Allianz;
  • a flexible leave policy and work schedule (40 hours/week);
  • a monthly allowance for covering work-related expenses, such as snacks or taxi rides;
  • your own learning and development fund;
  • top-of-the-line Apple laptop and a 4K display or iPad Pro to extend your desktop;
  • a calm atmosphere and laid back attitude that encourages you to do — and to be — your best;
  • the freedom to work from: a) home, b) your favorite coffee shop, c) a sunny beach, or d) our office space.

A Day At Work

Wondering what it’s like to work with us? Here’s how a day in your new life might be:

09:30 AM — You wake up, grab a coffee or snack, and tidy up your workspace at home. On a different day, you leave home to join some of your teammates at the office.
10:10 AM — You review your e-mail, check Slack for new messages from the rest of the team, and then join everyone for the team’s virtual stand-up.
10:20 AM — After getting looped in on the team’s status, you log into a merchant’s site to investigate a potential bug.
11:00 AM — You have isolated and replicated the issue on your local development environment. Time to log a detailed bug report on GitHub and mobilize our Engineering team!
12:00 PM — After a quick chat with the team, you decide to create a failing test that will help us validate the fix, and prevent the defect from re-surfacing.
14:00 PM — The test is ready, so you decide to take a break for lunch. Before logging off, you quickly write a note about a usability improvement you’d like to discuss at the team’s bi-weekly product hangout.
15:00 PM — Your teammates have a fix ready, and the test you wrote earlier appears to be passing. You check out the branch that contains the fix, build a pre-release version, and follow up with the customer.

Later, you grab your laptop again to help the team clear a few tickets — or perhaps you start investigating the cause of a failing end-to-end test that ran against a beta release of WooCommerce.

Sounds interesting? Apply!