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We use WordPress and WooCommerce to build awesome e-commerce tools that have helped thousands of businesses grow. Join us on the warm, bright side of e-commerce – where any idea can come to life and have the impact it deserves.

We build


One of the most sought-after WooCommerce plugins in the world, Product Bundles covers almost every bundling need under the sun, from selling bulk discount packages, to offering subscription boxes.

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Built at the onset of the COVID pandemic to help WooCommerce merchants ride out the storm, Gift Cards has already helped thousands of businesses sell and accept digital gift cards — as beautifully as it gets.

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The definitive WooCommerce product builder. Sell product kits made up of multiple, configurable components, such as personalized computers, skateboards, coffee machines, or made-to-order jewelry.

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We empower

  • 30K+ merchants to do more with WooCommerce
  • and overcome 30+ technical challenges every day.

We stand out

  • not because we build software,
  • but because we’ve been in every merchant’s shoes.

We write about

WooCommerce Gift Cards

Launching new products in the middle of a global pandemic is difficult, as all of us are faced with uncertainty and unusual challenges. However, even at this time we can and should still equip WooCommerce merchants with tools to help them weather this storm. This is why we decided to let you all know about a new WooCommerce extension we built here at SomewhereWarm: Gift Cards.

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