SomewhereWarm Joins WooCommerce

SomewhereWarm joins WooCommerce

In January 2011, I reached the end of a long academic journey; proud for what I had learned, and yet unsure about the future. For years, my heart had been beating loud and fast for WordPress. It took me a while to hear it but eventually, I did. My side hustle had won me over.

Everything fell into place later in September: First, WooCommerce arrived; and then, two friends asked my help to bring their business online. In the next few months, our new WooCommerce store would get thousands of orders from around the world, and I would fall in love with the idea of selling with WordPress.

Commerce was changing; the barriers to selling were starting to crumble. Having crossed them, I became obsessed with helping other merchants see what I had seen, and succeed where I had struggled. To answer this call, I founded SomewhereWarm: A team dedicated to all things Woo, and driven by a burning passion for overcoming boundaries, day after day.

Yesterday, SomewhereWarm joined WooCommerce as part of the Automattic family; an incredible team that embraces our own quintessential principle: Things do not change; we change.

What does this mean for WooCommerce?

Ten years since the journey started, WooCommerce is still the world’s best chance at making commerce more accessible. Today, this mission is more relevant than ever. We are thrilled to play a key part in driving it forward; from now on, as part of WooCommerce.

At WooCommerce, we’ll be bringing with us everything that made us stand out: Our products, team, and mindset. You can expect it all to become more closely interwoven with the future of the platform.

What does this mean for our customers?

We are joining WooCommerce to continue building software with the same attention to detail and the same thorough understanding of what’s at stake for you; whether you are selling with WooCommerce, or building WooCommerce stores.

If you have an active subscription for a product built by SomewhereWarm, rest assured that very little will change! All of our plugins will continue to be sold exclusively through the WooCommerce Marketplace, and our team will keep on improving them and going the extra mile for you.

Final Words

This is a huge opportunity for us to help shape the future of commerce, having a clearer view of the path ahead, more resources than ever before, and the support of like-minded people.

To all the developers and merchants who have trusted our work and helped us improve: We can’t thank you enough! We could not have arrived here without you.

To everyone at WooCommerce and Automattic: Thank you for creating the conditions for us to thrive over the years, and for inviting us to write the next chapter together!

To my teammates at SomewhereWarm: We have come a long way. Together, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build good software (hint: it’s not the project boards, the stories, or the code). Thank you for jumping aboard this unforgettable adventure with me. Here’s to the next one ahead!