SomewhereWarm in 2019

This decade was a special one for SomewhereWarm. Since the ship set sail in 2012, our journey has been full of adventure and discovery. The year we are leaving behind us a good share of thrilling events and friendly encounters. Let’s take a look at what happened in 2019!


In April, almost 4 years since its birth, Subscribe All The Things landed on under a new name: All Products For WooCommerce Subscriptions. Bringing the project on allowed us to continue its development: Since last April, 13 new versions have been released – packing important features that breathed new life to the project. The highlight? The ability to offer subscription boxes that customers can customize at any time.

In June, we delivered one of the most frequently requested features for Composite Products: conditional images. The new feature, which was made available as a mini-extension, allows store owners to dynamically update the main Composite Product image in response to configuration changes.

In July, we launched WooCommerce Product Recommendations: A nifty little extension for offering product recommendations that bridges the gap between static recommendation generators, such as WooCommerce’s own product blocks, and enterprise-level personalization solutions. Want to make your WooCommerce store pop a little more? Here’s how to do it with Product Recommendations!

To sum up, in 2019 we worked on:

  • 2 new official WooCommerce extensions;
  • 1 mini-extension;
  • 77 new releases.


In March, Maria joined our tiny support team! Upon her arrival, we:

  • took the opportunity to review our onboarding and training processes;
  • documented our Pillars of Support and our Support Team’s operating procedures;
  • refined our structure and processes to keep our Support Team at the center of everything we do.

In the months that followed, we kept on doing what we do best: We listened. We acted. We helped our customers succeed with WooCommerce.

In 2019, we:

  • helped 2,341 customers;
  • sent 7,979 messages in 3,591 conversations;
  • improved our first response time by 31% and our average response time by 33% compared to 2018;
  • received 51 five-star reviews.


In 2019, we stayed connected with the communities we love. In addition to traveling far and away, we attended many local meetups, and sponsored 2 local WordCamps.


  • attended 2 Athens WordPress meetups;
  • attended 2 Support Driven meetups;
  • sponsored WordCamp Athens, and hosted our WooCommerce HelpDesk;
  • sponsored WordCamp Thessaloniki;
  • attended Support Driven Expo Americas in Portland and shared our experience in November’s Support Driven Meetup in Athens.


As all of us worked remotely for the better part of 2019, we took every opportunity we had to meet, catch up with each other’s work, plan for the future, and have fun together! Speaking of fun, here’s two highlights:

  1. Cracking the riddles that the folks at ExitPlan Escape Rooms threw at us. The outcome? We escaped — and saved the world from a deadly virus!
  2. Living together for a week. This year’s retreat in Glyfada was a blast: We explored the local food scene, played board games (Dixit was a team favorite!) and got into fascinating conversations that went on till the early morning hours.

2020 and Beyond

As 2020 kicks in, we can’t help but wonder what it may have in store for us — and for you! Want to be among the first to know what we’re cooking? Follow us on Twitter!