Product Bundles: Bulk Discounts Mini-Extension

Ever tried to create a “get more for less” product bundle with WooCommerce? You’d be surprised to find out there are some options that come really close to solving this, but none that really does the trick.

Product Bundles is undeniably our all-time favorite project at SomewhereWarm. The reason? It’s the one that keeps offering us new knowledge and insight. The spectrum of use cases covered by a general-purpose bundling tool like Product Bundles is immense: This generates a constant flow of valuable feedback that helps us better understand our users and their expectations from Product Bundles. The result — new ideas that take us back to the drawing board.

Such as Product Bundles – Bulk Discounts: A neat add-on for Product Bundles that lets you add bulk quantity discount rules in any bundle.

How it Works

To add bulk discounts to a Product Bundle, navigate to Product Data > Bundled Products and use the Bulk discounts field to define different discount amounts depending on the total quantity of chosen items. Each discount rule must consist of two parts, separated by a pipe | character:

  1. A quantity value or range of values, e.g. 1 - 5 ,
  2. A discount value expressed in %, e.g. 10 .

Quantities can be entered in either:

  • quantity range format – e.g. 1 - 5 ,
  • single quantity format – e.g. 6 , or
  • “equal to or higher” format e.g. 7 + .

For example, consider this ruleset:

4 - 5 | 5
6 - 9 | 10
10 + | 15

This means that:

  • If 4-5 items are chosen, the applicable discount is 5%.
  • If 6-9 items are chosen, the discount is bumped to 10%.
  • If 10 or more items are chosen, the discount goes up to 15%.

When a Product Bundle with bulk discounts is configured, the price total that’s normally displayed above the add-to-cart button changes slightly to include some extra information:

  • The current Subtotal (price before discount).
  • The applicable Discount amount.
  • The final Total (price after discount).

The mini-extension does not enforce a particular method for communicating this information to customers. Instead, it gives you the freedom to choose the method that works best in each use case. For example, you may choose to display a quantity vs. discount table in the Short Description of your Bundle. Or you may opt for a shorter, catchier approach.

What’s Next

If you are a WooCommerce Developer and want to take Bulk Discounts for a spin, we’d love to hear your impressions!

If you are a WooCommerce Store Owner, we are happy to report that Bulk Discounts is ready for use in a production environment. Please keep in mind that the version hosted on GitHub needs to be updated manually and comes with no support. We are actively looking at different distribution options and hopefully we’ll have some good news to share soon 🙂

Thoughts? As always, we’d love to hear from you!