Subscribe All The Things v2.1

Edited on April 14, 2019 — Subscribe All The Things is now available on under a new name: All Products For WooCommerce Subscriptions (APFS). Read the full story here.


Using WooCommerce Subscriptions with Subscribe All The Things? Subscribe All The Things version 2.1 is about to go live — and it sure brings a lot to look forward to!

Whats New

Synchronization Options

The first thing you’ll probably notice in v2.1 is that it’s now possible to synchronize the renewal of individual subscription schemes offered at product- or cart-level.

To configure renewal synchronization for a subscription scheme tied to a product:

  • navigate to Product Data > Subscriptions;
  • locate a subscription scheme; and
  • choose when to synchronize renewals using the Synchronization option.


Additionally, Subscribe All The Things v2.1 introduces subscription switching, allowing customers to upgrade, downgrade or cross-grade between different subscription options. The feature works exactly in the same way you’ve seen it do its magic in WooCommerce Subscriptions:

For Simple products with subscription schemes, switching is possible between any of the available schemes. For Variable products, it’s possible to switch between variations and/or subscription schemes. Note that Bundles and Composites can’t be switched or modified just yet 🙂

Improved Integration with Product Bundles and Composite Products

For a while now, Subscriptions has made it possible to remove individual line items in an existing subscription. However, Product Bundles, Composite Products and Mix and Match Products with subscription schemes never looked or worked quite right in the Subscriber’s View, as:

  • it wasn’t possible to tell which line items were grouped together by a Bundle, Composite or Mix and Match container; and
  • customers were freely allowed to remove any line item — even items grouped by a Bundle, Composite or Mix and Match container.

Thanks to a deeper integration with these product types, Subscribe All The Things v2.1 addresses these long-standing issues, alongside a number of minor — but still annoying — quirks.

Add Products/Carts to Existing Subscriptions

If you are using Subscribe All The Things to offer existing products on a recurring basis, v2.1 might make you a little bit happier: It’s finally possible to add any product or cart to any existing subscription!

To configure this feature:

  • navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions;
  • locate the Add to Subscription section; and
  • use the Products and Carts drop-drown options to enable the functionality you want.

Wondering how it works?

When Add to Subscription is turned on, any supported product can be added to an existing subscription by checking the Add to an Existing Subscription box that appears in its single-product page, right under the Add to Cart button:

Note that if you have already used SATT to attach optional subscription options to a product (or offer it on a recurring-only basis), then the list of active subscriptions will be populated only with active subscriptions that match the billing schedule of the currently chosen/active subscription scheme.

Adding the contents of a cart to an existing subscription works pretty much in the same way:

  • First, enable the feature from WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions.
  • If you haven’t already done so, create some cart subscription schemes by navigating to the Subscribe to Cart section in the same page.
  • Add a product to the cart.
  • Navigate to the cart page and choose a subscription option.

Scroll down and you’ll notice an alternative flow to Proceed to checkoutAdd this cart to an existing subscription:

Again, the list of active subscriptions there is populated only with subscriptions matching the billing schedule of the currently chosen cart subscription scheme.


Proration is not supported by the new Add Product/Cart to Subscription feature. If renewals for a subscription option are synchronized and the first payment needs to be prorated, then you’ll find out that the product/cart cannot be added to an existing subscription.

Whats Next

We have just tagged 2.1.0-rc.1 and invite you to try it and share your feedback! See anything we’ve missed? Found a bug? Please open a new issue and we’ll take it from there!

2 responses to Subscribe All The Things v2.1

  1. Benjamin

    Hi Manos,

    “Note that Bundles and Composites cant be switched or modified just yet ?”
    Have any idea when this feature should be ready (it is being developed) ?
    Thanks! Ben

    • Manos Post Author

      Hey Benjamin,

      All SATT development is currently “frozen”.

      In the past we haven’t been as consistent with feature releases as we’d like (more or less 1 release per year) and haven’t been able to:

      • respond in a timely manner;
      • help with basic customizations; or
      • provide in-depth responses to technical enquiries.

      To our defense, for the last 3 years SATT has always been a side project. We want to fix that! However, to keep putting resources into SATT on a daily basis, we’ll need access to the same customer-driven decision-making tools and processes we’re using to maintain and improve our commercial/premium extensions. We’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to do this is to commercialize the project. We’re still not sure how soon, or how this will happen, but we’re working on it and hope we’ll have an update to share soon.

      In short: Features development will start as soon as we’ve figured out a sustainable way to keep the project alive 🙂

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