Product Bundles v5.8

Product Bundles 5.8 is now live! The new release has been in development for 5 months and includes a substantial amount of new features.

What’s New


You have probably seen bundle-sells before: Much like a cross-sell, a bundle-sell is an offer to purchase a helpful add-on along with the currently viewed product.

Grip tape — an ideal add-on to every new skateboard deck!

Compared to cross-sells, bundle-sells are easier to discover and convert immediately. This makes them ideal for recommending optional items that are:

  • frequently bought (and tightly coupled) with the currently viewed product;
  • lower in cost; and
  • usually high in margin.

Previously available via a free mini-extension, bundle-sells can be added to any existing product by navigating to Product Data > Linked Products:

The presentation of bundle-sells on single-product pages is optimized for recommending add-ons that are tightly coupled with the main product:

Offering bundle-sells above the add-to-cart button makes them easier to discover. However, if the recommendations aren’t relevant enough, their placement above the add-to-cart button may have a detrimental effect to the conversion of the main product — so use them sparingly, and wisely!

A Flow for Adding/Editing Bundles in Editable Orders

Version 5.8 finally lets Store Managers add/modify bundles in editable orders — a game-changing feature for many processing/fulfillment teams.

If a bundle contains configurable items, a Configure button is now appended to the title of the order item:

Clicking the Configure button brings up a modal that allows Store Managers to:

  • choose configuration options; and
  • add the configured bundled items to the order.

Note that all required meta data needed to establish parent/child item relationships are created in the process:

Finally, if a bundle does not contain any configurable items, all bundled products are added to the order along with the parent/main order item — in this case, no action is required from the Store Manager.

Lots of Smaller Features, Improvements and Fixes


  • Additional product page layout options.
  • Optimized the way product stock/stock-status changes propagate to bundled items and bundles in the database.
  • Improved editing experience for Store Managers.
  • Improved product page styles.
  • Added bundle configuration meta in the cart widget.
  • Revised Storefront integration for an improved product/cart page experience on handheld screens.
  • Refined integration with Composite Products.

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