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WooCommerce Gift Cards

Launching new products in the middle of a global pandemic is difficult, as all of us are faced with uncertainty and unusual challenges. However, even at this time we can and should still equip WooCommerce merchants with tools to help them weather this storm. This is why we decided to let you all know about a new WooCommerce extension we built here at SomewhereWarm: Gift Cards.

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WooCommerce Composite Products v3

Composite Products version 3.0 is finally here, after 12 weeks of development and 187 commits.

The new version includes many requested features and improvements targeted towards large-scale kitting applications, including:

  • a redesigned, responsive front-end and back-end UI;
  • multiple front-end UX refinements;
  • WP_Query-based retrieval, pagination, sorting and filtering of component options;
  • front-end and back-end performance optimizations;
  • exclusion-based scenario definitions;
  • bundled shipping improvements; and
  • helpful documentation for developers.

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