WooCommerce Gift Cards

We are sailing uncharted waters. As the world is battling a global pandemic, all of us are faced with uncertainty for the future and unusual challenges. In these unprecedented times, many of us are wondering: Are our vision, mission and values still relevant? Is our work still helpful?

The circumstances make it difficult for anyone to stay focused on solving peacetime problems, let alone launch and market new products. However, we believe that we still can and should equip WooCommerce merchants with tools that give them a better chance to weather this storm. This is why we decided to let you all know about a new WooCommerce extension we built here at SomewhereWarm: Gift Cards.

We are confident that, in the tough months ahead of us, Gift Cards will help WooCommerce store owners stay connected with their most loyal customers, and eventually come out of this storm stronger.

How it Works

In a nutshell, Gift Cards allows store owners to offer digital gift cards that customers can redeem at their store.

Our goal was to design a gift cards plugin for the digital world. The plugin delivers exactly those features that make digital gift cards such an essential part of the modern online shopping experience:

  • Convenience of sending and receiving.
  • A lightning-fast, secure payment experience.
  • The ability to store gift card codes online for later use.
Purchasing a gift card.

Every time a customer orders a new gift card, a unique gift card code of equal face value is issued and sent to the specified recipient(s) via e-mail. This gift card code can be:

  • entered directly at checkout; or
  • redeemed and added to an account for later use.
Your gift card is ready!

When a gift card code is redeemed by a customer, its balance is added to the customer’s total gift card balance. This allows returning customers to make purchases almost instantly, without entering their credit card details, or typing long gift card codes. Behind the scenes, the plugin manages the balance of all gift card codes used at checkout.

Registered customers can view all redeemed gift certificates from their account page, along with their available gift card balance, and a detailed record of all transactions:

Viewing redeemed gift card details.

It is also possible to enter unredeemed gift card codes directly before checkout. Unredeemed gift card codes can be used like this by anyone with access to them, until their balance runs out.

At the same time, Gift Cards includes management and reporting features that allow store owners to manage gift card codes and track their usage. It is possible to:

  • Search, view and edit gift certificates by code, sender, or recipient.
  • Drill down into detailed transaction logs.
  • Generate balance reports for issued, purchased, and expired gift card codes.
Generating balance reports: Issued, expired, and used gift cards.

Gift Cards looks great under the hood, too: It is one of the few WooCommerce gift certificate plugins that treats pre-paid gift cards as a form of payment — not as coupons or discounts.

Other Notable Features

Wondering what other features we’ve built into Gift Cards? Here’s a list of the most important ones:

  • Create Simple and Variable gift cards.
  • Sell expiring gift cards.
  • Let customers choose a custom delivery date.
  • Send gift cards to multiple recipients.

Questions and Requests

Want to know more about Gift Cards? Check it out on WooCommerce.com, post your message below, or get in touch with our team!